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Morris A. Young, Sheriff
Gadsden County, Florida
339 East Jefferson Street
Quincy, Florida , 32351 
Email: gcso@tds.net
Phone: (850) 627-9233
For Emergencies Call 911

The Bureau of Investigations

The Bureau of Investigations Lieutenant has oversight over all functions in the Violent Crimes, Narcotics and Victims Advocate units.  The Bureau is responsible for investigating all violent crimes reported to the Gadsden county Sheriff’s Office. 

Criminal Investigations (Violent Crimes)

  • Follow up investigation on violent crimes
  • Develop evidence of crimes by infiltrating an operation
  • Makes arrests


  • Coordinates, oversees and controls drug enforcement within the boundaries of Gadsden County
  • Seizes property used in the commission of a felony narcotics transactions, such as cash, firearms and vehicles.
  • Multi-agency Task force which investigates the importation of narcotics into Gadsden County on a larger scale

Victims Advocacy

  • Provides crisis counseling and emotional support to victims of crimes
  • Assist victims with understanding the judicial system, filing victims compensation claims and obtaining information about their cases (court dates, arrests made)

Criminal Investigation Division

The Division is responsible for investigating all violent crimes reported to the GCSO where uniform patrol deputies did not make an arrest. These crimes may range from simple battery to homicide.

There are seven investigators currently in the division. Their daily work load include such investigations as robbery/theft/burglary, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, stolen vehicles, identity theft, missing persons, criminal mischief, forgery, assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, suicide, suspicious death, and homicide.

This past year, investigators closed approximately 400 cases and are currently working over 500 open cases. Over the past year it is estimated that over $750,000 in property has been recovered. During this same period of time seven homicides were committed and all were solve.

Narcotics Division

The Narcotics Division work though out the county and often aid officers from local municipalities and effort to combat the number of drug offenders from inside and outside of the county who infiltrate our community.

Over the past year there have been 120 drug and drug-related investigations resulting in 80 offenders being arrested and eight being Federally prosecuted. A total of 20 search warrants have been served which produced $12,100 in cash, 600 grams of powder and crack cocaine, 39 pounds of marijuana, 1,223 grams of methamphetamines and dangerous drugs,129 marijuana plants, seized 24 firearms, impounded 20 vehicles (seized four of them) and $3,000 in property. Some of these operations were conducted with help from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the United States Division of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the United States Marshal Service, the Unites States Postal Inspector, and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.

Victim Advocate Division

victim_advocateWhitney Sampson heads this office that was established in 2001 to provide direct services to victims of violent crimes in a caring and compassionate manner.

The following services are provided, but not limited to: on scene assistance, crisis intervention and counseling, death notifications, grief and bereavement counseling, support throughout the criminal justice system, assistance in filing victims compensation forms, and assistance with domestic violations injunctions.

The office is available 24 hours a day; to reach Sampson, call 850-627-9233.