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Morris A. Young, Sheriff
Gadsden County, Florida
339 East Jefferson Street
Quincy, Florida , 32351 
Email: gcso@tds.net
Phone: (850) 627-9233
For Emergencies Call 911

The Bureau of Corrections

jailThe Bureau of Corrections Major has oversight over courtroom security, inmate custody and care, and transport.  The Gadsden County Jail currently houses an average of 190 inmates with a capacity of 157 inmates. The day-to-day operations of the county jail is overseen by the Jail Administrator-Captain Henry Miller, Assistant Jail Administrator-Captain Vincent Crump and Jail Inspector-Lt. William Moore.

Major Services Provided:


  • Transport inmates to medical facilities, court appearances and other correctional and prison facilities.  
  • Extradition of fugitives from other states and counties
  • Courtroom Security and Bailiff Services
    • Manage Inmates in the courtroom
    • Provide protection and security to Circuit Judges

jail-signInmate programs

  • Inmate Work Crew
  • Education behind bars- Basic Education – GED
  • Faith-Based Initiatives              

Support services

  • InmateHealth Care services
  • Commissary – Food services

Faith-Based Initiatives

faithbased1In November 2004, the Rev. Jimmy Salters became the first full-time Chaplain in the history of the Gadsden County Jail. He immediately began organizing local ministers (who were already visiting the corrections facility) in a structured environment for spiritual programs. These non-denominational programs are held daily and in November 2005, 51 inmates were baptized while still incarcerated.

Since that time there has been a noticeable decline in the number of inmate altercations and a positive environment has been established. When inmates are released back into the community, Rev. Salters assists them in locating a church so that they can continue their spiritual growth.

This program is designed to give inmates an opportunity for spiritual growth in an effort to reduce recidivism. It also allows for interaction between the faith community andthe incarcerated.

Education Behind

educationLimited education among inmates is high in the county jail. Therefore, in an effort to help inmates work toward at least a General Education Diploma (GED), the Corrections Bureau partnered with Tallahassee Community College to begin a program geared toward helping inmates advance educationally. Inmates are tested to determine their level of achievement. TCC instructors then prepare individual plans appropriate to the inmates’ level of education.

Each week, an instructor visits the jail to teach, monitor, and assess the progress of the inmates and their goals. While some are not incarcerated long enough to complete the program and earn a GED, they are encouraged to continue their educations through the TCC Quincy House, which is easily accessible and is located in downtown Quincy.

The Bureau of Corrections has 42 total positions which are as follows:
The Bureau of Corrections consists of 37 total funded positions and 5 unfunded positions.  The Bureau of Corrections has 26 full time certified funded positions and 3 certified unfunded positions, 2 full time Tech positions, 9 full time civilian positions and 2 part-time positions. The Major of Corrections reports directly to the Sheriff.