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Morris A. Young, Sheriff
Gadsden County, Florida
339 East Jefferson Street
Quincy, Florida , 32351 
Email: gcso@tds.net
Phone: (850) 627-9233
For Emergencies Call 911

Citizens on Patrol

The Citizens on Patrol program is a volunteer division of the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office established in October 2009, to offer citizens an opportunity to become actively involved in their community.  The volunteers are concerned citizens who are resources (“eyes and ears”) for the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO).  Volunteers are dressed in uniforms and drive specially marked vehicles displaying “Citizens on Patrol- Volunteer”.  The program is an effective tool to prevent crime and to promote safer communities.  It also serves as a catalyst for strengthening neighborhoods throughout the county. 
On December 14, 2009, the first graduating class of the Citizens on Patrol made a commitment to serve with integrity and promote safety throughout the Gadsden County.  The program received very positive feedback from the citizens and business owners of Gadsden County and subsequently produced a second graduating class on June 21, 2010.  There are currently 40 active members in the program.

COP volunteers are observers ONLY.  They report criminal and suspicious activity to the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office and should not attempt to get involved.  For additional information, please call 850-627-9233 or 850-933-5851.

COP-Patch1004The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office commitment to community policing is one of its top priority in the mission of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office is proactive in fostering partnerships with local Businesses, community groups, Schools, and other local Law enforcement agencies in enhancing its involvement and commitment to Community Policing.  The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office has implemented programs to get the Community involved in community policing.

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office is recruiting volunteers from the Community to serve as Citizens on Patrol to watch for suspicious activities in their community and notify the Sheriff’s Office when such activity occurs.  The Citizens on Patrol also fosters relationship with the elderly citizens of Gadsden County to ensure their safety.